Photo Credit: Joe's CNC

Joe’s CNC 4×4 Hybrid Plans

Joe’s plans are for a machine with a 4 feet by 4 feet cutting area.  The original plans called for lead screws, but these have been replaced with a rack and pinion system.  The plans have been modified by the very active and helpful users on the Joe’s CNC forums.

The plans cost $100 and include downloadable blueprints and access to the private forums.  The carraiges are made from MDF and HDPE and cost $360 Shipped.  You can build the carriages yourself with some templates and a router, but this can be time consuming and results will very.

Total cost is hard to place as the builds very so much.  I’d ballpark it at around $4,000 for a basic machine and with you suppling the tools.

If you’re thinking about building your own CNC router table I would certainly consider building a Joe’s CNC.  The build is well documented and vendors are familiar with the build.

Here’s a video from Joe’s own YouTube channel: