Momus CNC: DIY Benchtop CNC Router

I ran across this interesting set of plans from Momus. It’s for a DIY bench top CNC router and it looks pretty functional. After seeing what some companies charge for machines of a similar size, I really don’t know why someone would not build their own machine.

While I feel bench top models are too limited in there cutting capacity for my needs, they might fit your project needs. They also take up less space and you don’t need an entire room dedicated to them.

Plans are $20:
CNCZone Build Log: Building a CNC Plasma Cutter

One of the projects I had planned on was a ShopDroids CNC plasma cutter. I ended up getting an email telling me that ShopDroids has shutdown and that Adam at was building the last kit.

I know the feeling of being an orphaned builder. ShopDroids has shutdown, permentaly or temperary I’m not sure. CastCNC has been on hiatus for more than a year. The time commitment from the designers of these kits is enormous. Running a forum, website, answering emails and building the kits is almost sure to outweigh any monitory rewards.

If you want to see the last ShopDroids build check it out here:

Do you have a build? Post it in our forums!

I’m looking for people with interesting DIY builds to post threads in my new forums. The forums are public and ready for you to post. If you have a DIY build or a kit please feel free to post away.

If you have a build at another board please feel free to cross post about it.


SV Seeker: Building a 3D printer into a CNC Router

SV Seeker is in the process of building a 3D printer into his CNC router. I’ve seen this done a few times and am interested in perusing it myself. The only real catch is tying up the CNC router for long periods of time and controlling the temperature in my unheated garage space.

3D printing takes considerable time and gusts of wind can effect the object being printed. Thats why the newest MakerBot Replicator Z18 has a heated chamber.

If anyone has a interesting build or a cost break down please post it in the comments.

MarkerBot has some new 3D printers for 2014 and they look cool

The MakerBot REPLICATOR Z18 for $6,499 looks pretty sweet. The print area of 12″x12″x18″ is sizable. Although with Stratasys buying MakerBot I’m a little worried that the machine could be crippled or restricted in some way now or in the future.

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A Little Bit of Success!!! CNC router is moving : Controller Box Build

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